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VLE Excellence

As part of improving the student digital experience, the University is investing in improvements to our Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) over the next few years. We invest in our physical teaching spaces to make sure they are highly accessible, easy to use and that we have the capacity we need. The VLE Excellence programme is about making a similar investment in our virtual teaching spaces.

Learn Foundations Approach

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Learn Foundations was a 3-year project that set out to achieve institutional standards when using the core Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). The project delivered an institutional approach that supported a consistent use of terminology, support and guidance and course delivery within the VLE. The approach was co-designed with over 400 colleagues and almost 5000 students to ensure user experience was at the heart of all decisions made. The content found on this page details the journey taken throughout the Learn Foundations project, leading to the adoption of the Learn Foundations approach.

The Journey so far

Since 2017, the VLE Excellence programme has been investing in improving the VLE for staff and students over a number of important projects: