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Learn Ultra Upgrade

We are upgrading to Learn Ultra. Find out more about the upgrade process, when it will happen, and how it will affect you.

As part of the ongoing investment in our virtual learning environment we are upgrading Learn to the latest version, Learn Ultra. We will do the upgrade in two stages:

  1. In summer 2022 we will upgrade to Learn Ultra Base Navigation in preparation for academic year 2022/23. This will deliver an updated interface, navigation and landing page that is both mobile friendly and more accessible. Your courses will not change, so you do not need to do anything this year. However, you will be able to take advantage of some new features that will improve the student and staff experience. Find out more in the Ultra Base Navigation section below.
  2. Over the coming year we will work with you in preparation for upgrading courses to Learn Ultra Course View for the start of academic year 2023/24. This is when all new courses will move to the improved Learn Ultra course interface and you will be able to take advantage of a significantly improved learning and teaching experience.

As part of our preparation for the move to Ultra Course View, a significant number of course teams from across all three colleges are taking the opportunity to move their courses to Ultra Course View for September 2022, as part of our Early Adopter Programme. This will allow the Learn Ultra project team to work in partnership with a range of academic subject areas, gathering valuable information about what is involved in upgrading and migrating courses.

In the sections below you will find more information about the forthcoming upgrade to Ultra Base Navigation and how it will affect you. You can also learn more about the early adopter programme, the courses that are migrating early, and teachers who are taking part.

Learn upgrade: The switch to Ultra Base Navigation

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The first phase of upgrading Blackboard Learn, our institutional virtual learning environment (VLE), to Learn Ultra took place in summer 2022 with the switch to Learn Ultra Base Navigation (UBN).

10 Things to Try with Learn Ultra Base Navigation

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Learn, the University’s Virtual Learning Environment, has been upgraded. This upgrade is called Ultra Base Navigation, or UBN for short. To help familiarise yourself, and get the most out of Learn Ultra Base Navigation, try these simple tasks.

Learn Ultra Base Navigation: Introduction Videos

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In June 2022, Learn underwent an update to improve its look and feel, as well as make it more mobile friendly and accessible. This update is known as Ultra Base Navigation, or UBN for short. The main changes you will notice when you log in to Learn are to the 'My Learn' home page, or landing page, and related tabs. A refined navigation menu allows users to access courses quickly and engage with key information across all courses in one place. UBN makes it easier to find course updates and see notifications. Watch the introductory videos below for more about Learn’s improved tools and features.

Early Adopters

The Learn Ultra project will be delivered in a phased approach, starting with the roll-out to early adopters.

Guest and Self-Enrol Course Access

Learn Ultra courses
With the introduction of Learn Ultra Base Navigation (UBN) on June 28, there will be changes to how self-enrol courses and guest courses are accessed.