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Media Hopper Create (Media Management)

Put video at the heart of learning, teaching and public engagement by creating, uploading and editing video. Media Hopper Create is the easy way to make, share, and manage your media assets.

Quick links to help you get started

You can upload video and audio content to Media Hopper Create to share with others, be made publicly available, or publish it to a course in Learn or Moodle.

Uploading content to Media Hopper Create:

Working with Channels and Playlists:

The Desktop Recorder available as part of the Media Hopper Create service can be used to record presentations, screencasts, and web-cam content from your computer.  The following guides explain how to install the desktop recorder on a PC or a Mac, and how to record a presentation.

Creating presentations and lectures using the Desktop Recorder on a PC:

​​​​​​Creating presentations and lectures using the Desktop Recorder on a Mac:

The Media Hopper Create Desktop Recorder can also be lanuched directly form Learn and Moodle so you can add your content to these platforms as soon as they're available.

Guidance is available for Learn here:

Installing and creating presentations and lectures via Learn using the Media Hopper Create Desktop Recorder from Learn:

Guidance is available for Moodle here:

Installing and launching the Desktop Recorder from Moodle:

Creating presentations and lectures via Moodle using the Media Hopper Create Desktop Recorder:

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Availability and entitlement

An overview of availability and entitlement to use the service

About Media Hopper Create

Media Hopper Create is an essential service that puts video at the heart of teaching, learning, research and public engagement.

Help and support

Details on how to get help and support, including support documents, when using Media Hopper Create and a list of frequently asked questions.

Requesting subtitles for your content

Subtitling your media content is important to ensure that it is accessible to as many people as possible.

Applying a Licence to Content on Media Hopper Create

Here is some information to help you understand the different licensing options available when uploading content to Media Hopper Create.

DIY Film School course

The DIY Film School offers training and advice on using equipment designed for mobile filmmaking. Courses are run throughout the year, with an online course also available.

For further information please contact the IS Helpline