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Learning Design

Learning design is the process of designing learning experiences, including planning, structuring, and sequencing, through facilitated activities that are student-centred, inclusive and accessible, pedagogically informed and aim to promote better use of technologies in teaching.


ELDeR is a practical, team-based approach to learning design.


The ABC curriculum design method is an effective and engaging hands-on, card-based approach to curriculum design, developed at UCL by Clive Young and Natasha Perovic. It is built on curriculum design research from the JISC / University of Ulster (Viewpoints) and work of Prof Diana Laurillard (learning types).

Learning Design Community

Recognising that there are many members of the University who are interested in Learning Design, we would like to invite you to join our online community.

Learning Design Resources

Resources to support learning design.

Help and Support

How we can support your learning design process.