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Learning Design Community

Recognising that there are many members of the University who are interested in Learning Design, we would like to invite you to join our online community.

An online hub for those interested in Learning Design

We have established a mailing list which we use:

  • to communicate information about university-wide Learning Design initiatives,
  • as a place for share what is happening centrally,
  • as a space for members to feedback on Learning Design within their subject areas.

Join our community

If you are interested in joining our Learning Design Community, subscribe to our mailing list by sending an email to

  1. put nothing in the ‘Subject’ line.
  2. in the message body put the following: SUBSCRIBE ede-learning-design NAME (where NAME is your first name and surname, e.g. SUBSCRIBE ede-learning-design Jo Bloggs).
  3. if you normally have an automatic signature at the end of your email, please put the word QUIT just before your signature.

  Further information about mailing lists can be found here: Sympa Mailing list instructions.