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The ABC curriculum design method is an effective and engaging hands-on, card-based approach to curriculum design, developed at UCL by Clive Young and Natasha Perovic. It is built on curriculum design research from the JISC / University of Ulster (Viewpoints) and work of Prof Diana Laurillard (learning types)

On campus workshops

In this intensive 90-minute session, an academic team work together to create a complete storyboard, including a detailed sequence of learning activities and their assessment.

Online workshops

In order that ABC workshops can continue to be run, we have developed an online version, which will also support the design of courses suitable for hybrid teaching.


ABC workshops

Rather than to attend to discrete changes, an ABC workshop is designed to support the redesign of a whole course.

Macro and micro patterns

A way of visualising the structure of courses and the learning activities within them.

Toolkit for participants

Materials for those participating in an ABC workshop.

Toolkit for facilitators

Materials for those facilitating an ABC workshop.

More information

For more information about Learning Design development at the University of Edinburgh, please contact the Learning Design team, we are based in Learning, Teaching and Web Services Directorate, Information Services.