Information Services

Assessment and Feedback

Information about Assessment and Feedback tools to use within Learning and Teaching. Services include: Questionmark Perception, Turnitin, GradeMark, WebPA.

Choosing Online Assessment

Information Services have a wide range of tools which support creating assignments, online submission, marking, and feedback.

Questionmark Perception

Questionmark Perception is a specialised assessment system which can create assessments for delivery over the Web.

Turnitin for assessment and feedback

Turnitin supports assessment through similarity checking and marking processes

Electronic Marking

Tools to enable electronic marking and feedback


WebPA (Web Peer Assessment) in an online tool that enables peer moderation of group work, so that each member is given recognition for their individual contribution.

Optical mark recognition

OMR is a technology which uses hardware to detect the presence or absence of marks. It can be used for automatically marking answer sheets for tests or surveys with multiple choice questions.

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