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Online Invigilation

This page provides advice and guidance from ISG for users considering online invigilation.

What is online Invigilation?

Online Invigilation allows users to participate in an online exam in a location which is convenient for them. 

Online Invigilation only facilitates the invigilation aspect of an exam and does not include the online assessment software. For information and advice regarding online assessment please visit the following webpage:

Online Invigilation Evaluation 2021-2022

The Online Remote Examinations and Assessment (OREA) working group was set up in Summer 2020 to make recommendations in the light of the ‘hybrid approach’ and the move to almost entirely online assessment in the University.  Part of thOREA group included a strand regarding online invigilation which concluded:

  • use of online invigilation should not be mainstreamed. However, the option of online invigilation should be retained for use where there is a clearly defined need.

Since publication of the OREA report IS have seen demand to provide a centrally supported online invigilation service. It was agreed that an evaluation should be conducted in the 2021-22 academic year to understand demand and value of online invigilation. An evaluation review report will be available in June 2022 detailing usage, feedback and recommending next steps.

Online Invigilation Software: Examity

IS have identified the online invigilation service provider Examity as the preferred partner for the evaluation in the academic year 2021-21. 

IS have conducted the necessary compliance checks to evaluate data security, data privacy and accessibility.  Examity currently provide online invigilation for the British Council, Birmingham City University, Royal College of Physicians Glasgow and the Limerick Institute of Technology.