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Student-Institution Partnership Winner

ISG Equality and Diversity Intern Dominique Green was announced as the winner of the Equate Student-Institution Partnership Award at the recent Equate Scotland conference.

Photograph of Dominique Green holding her Equate Student-Institution Partnership Award

The Equate Student Network Awards celebrate institutions who have gone above and beyond to support, mentor or promote women in STEM. This award highlights the work we have done in co-creating our  PlayFair Steps programme with students and the unique impact students  can have as as change agents. 

Openness to diversity

Dominique  is a PhD data scientist and a tutor in quantitative methods. Over three years Dominique has made an amazing impact on ISG.  Her expertise has helped us to address the challenges we face as a large tech employer, to support women in our workplace and to change and develop policy. Her work has developed our organisation, improved and celebrated the experience of women in STEM and  contributed to a cultural shift towards ‘openness to diversity’.

Promoting equality

Her own passion for the topic and expertise in theory grounded in data inspired us to adopt an intersectional approach to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion in our workplace and has pushed us to go beyond anecdote and use data-based decision making to really address some entrenched structural issues.

Equate Student Network Awards 2019

(Ed. this article was originally published on 4 Apr, 2019)