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ISG Innovation Programme Review Video Available

A video has been created which reviews the last four years of the ISG Innovation Programme.

Key stakeholders in the programme talk about the objectives at the outset, how the programme helped to change the way we innovate in ISG, the introduction of programme management, as well as highlighting a small number of the stand-out projects delivered over the last four years.

Since the introduction of programme management in 2016/17, the innovation programme has included well over 100 projects involving every directorate within ISG.

Some innovation projects are now established services, for example the EDUROAM connection app started out as an innovation project. This service is now making a real tangible difference to the student experience, allowing all students to easily connect to the University’s secure network. Another example is the Text and Data Mining Platform, which was also born out of the programme.

The video was made by our Project Video Service. From an innovation idea to now being well established in ISG, this service is the go-to place for projects or programmes to get bespoke video content created, to use as part of their communication plan.

We have so many innovative ideas in ISG. Over the last four years, we have seen some incredible and inspiring ideas develop into projects. As Gavin MacLachlan mentions in the video, “Just as important are all the ones (projects) that didn’t work out. But we always learned every time we did an innovation project.”

The video can be accessed via the University of Edinburgh's Media Hopper Create.

ISG Innovation Programme Review


(Ed. this article was originally published on 18 Dec, 2019)