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Learn migration to the Cloud

A project is underway to migrate the current version of self-hosted Learn to cloud hosting provided by Blackboard.

'Learn to the Cloud' logo (white text on pink cloud)

Learn is now business critical to learning, teaching and the student experience.  We know that there is no good time of the year at which we can carry out maintenance tasks or upgrades without significant disruption. With that in mind, we have initiated a project to move to a cloud hosted service from Blackboard that will remove the need to have long outages for upgrades, and give us more regular updates to the software and improved out of hours support.

Summer schedule

In order to move to this new service we need to do a large data migration task this summer. Our testing has allowed us to identify more accurate timings for this work.

  • The migration process will start on 8th of July as planned. 
  • On 8th of July, Learn will be unavailable to all users from 8am to 6pm.
  • From 6pm on 8th July to 16th July, Learn will be available for users, but any changes made will not be migrated.

We plan to have Learn migrated to the cloud and back in full service on 17th July, a few days earlier than originally communicated. However, the system should be considered at risk on the 17th of July.

Project wiki

You can keep up-to-date with project news and dates by visiting the project wiki.

Learn to the Cloud project wiki (EASE login required)

(Ed. this article was originally published on 4 Jun, 2019)