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Music MOOC materials used to benefit on campus learners

Videos created for the Reid School of Music’s popular Fundamentals of Music Theory MOOC are now being used to benefit undergraduate students coming to the University to study music.

Black and white photo of printed sheet music

The videos form the basis of a new for-credit course that introduces students to the basics of music theory and notation.  In order to help widen participation and increase students’ skills, the course has adopted a flipped classroom approach with students using the videos as pre-workshop resources to prepare for weekly practical sessions.

Over 30 open-licenced videos

All videos are available to view, download and reuse as Creative Commons licenced OERs from Media Hopper Create:

Fundamentals of Music Theory - Media Hopper Create channel

Free short online course

Over a quarter of a million open learners have enrolled for the Fundamentals of Music Theory MOOC on Coursera since it launched in 2014.  Find out more about the course here:

Fundamentals of Music Theory - course summary




(Ed. this article was originally published on 26 Feb, 2019)