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Assessment & Progression (APT) Enhancements

The Assessment & Progression (APT) tool has been enhanced during 18/19

There have been enhancements made to the Assessment & Progression Tool with the project having:

  • Consolidated the use of the  Assessment & Progression (APT) tool across all the schools, including 7 new schools from the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, and the Schools of Social & Political Science and Informatics
  • Stabilised the APT tool by resolving critical issues and addressing key business processes relying on APT

The reported benefits are:

  • In the months April to July 2019:  ~65% in reduced processing time has been achieved
  • Improved user experience thanks to established user groups, and online communication with over 400 users
  • Excellent support during peak period:
    •  Head of Academic and Student Administration, CAHSS: "Thank you so much for all the support and diligence in helping us get through another exam board phase. I think we can all agree that despite the issues that people raise these are minor glitches in the grand scheme of things and one of the CAHSS managers yesterday was reporting that she had been required to step in to support boards in person this time round and was amazed at how much easier and better it was doing this task with APT!!"

Further project's details are available on the project site LINK

(Ed. this article was originally published on 31 Jul, 2020)