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Developing digital skills with student interns

The Digital Skills and Training team have appointed five new student interns to continue the excellent work of the 12 students who have worked with our team in recent years.

Two Digital Champions and three Digital Skills Trainers joined the team in November 2019. Our new Champions are Daisy Michelson and Marco Ruggieri. Daisy is a final year French student, and Marco is a PhD student in Italian studies. Daisy and Marco will be taking on the challenge of raising awareness of digital skills among the undergraduate and postgraduate student populations across all three Colleges.

Our three new Digital Skills Trainers come from a variety of disciplines. Aisha Janki Akinola is a 2nd-year Architecture student with a keen interest in blogging and social media. Mateusz Wygonny is a 1st-year Computer Science student with knowledge of web design and games development. Mew Dhanespramoj is a 1st-year Acoustics and Music Technology student with experience in illustration and design.

The Digital Skills and Training team are currently in the process of recruiting a sixth student intern to deliver our popular Python courses.

To find out more about the work of students in Digital Skills and Training, see the team's Student Internships webpage.

(Ed. this article was published on 11 Nov, 2019)