School students win at Edinburgh Awards

A number of students from the School of History, Classics and Archaeology recently received their Edinburgh Awards at a ceremony.

HCA Students celebrate at Edinburgh Awards Ceremony

The Edinburgh Award is a programme that students can undertake alongside a particular activity and aims to recognise student involvement in these activities and enhance these experiences. The School was delighted to see so many students of History, Classics and Archaeology succeeding in their Edinburgh Awards, and sends warmest congratulations on their achievements alongside their studies.

Global Citizenship Abroad

Francesca Ball (History MA Hons)

Antony Christopherson (History MA Hons)

Hannah-Maria Viola (History MA Hons)

These awards go to students who have excelled in their role supporting Global Citizenship while studying abroad. These students have offered guidance to other students and undertaken promotional activities during their experience abroad.

Peer Learning and Support Volunteers: PIRPALS

Andrew Barnett (History and Politics MA Hons)

PIRPALS is a peer assisted learning scheme for first year Politics and International Relations undergraduates, and the award is given to students of Politics and International Relations whom the University has recognised for actively working to maximise their impact and excel as a peer assisted learning facilitator.

Resident Assistants

Caius Filimon (Economic and Social History MA Hons)

Marina Moya Moreno (History PhD)

Resident Assistants: Leadership

Amber Jamieson (Ancient and Medieval History MA Hons)

Aristotelis Nayfa (History PhD)

Residents Assistants assist the Residence Life office to provide advice and support for students with independent living by hosting community building events and assisting with student welfare concerns.

Sports Union Volunteers

Bethany Fellows (Ancient History and Classical Archaeology MA Hons)

Laura Gould (History MA Hons)

Frances Waterfall (History MA Hons)

Sophie Weeden (History MA Hons)

Ella Wood (History MA Hons)

Sports Union Volunteers: Leadership

Jasmine Burry (Classical Studies MA Hons)

David Soutar (History and Classics MA Hons)

There are over 60 different sports unions, and these awards go to students who have demonstrated excellent management and leadership of a Sports Union club, and in doing so contributed to the satisfaction and development of their peers.

Students' Association: Society and Volunteering Group Office Bearers  

Charlotte Burr (History and Politics MA Hons)

Emily Hall (History MA Hons)

Volunteering, including 50+ hours volunteered

Natalia Ellingham (History and Classics MA Hons)

Marina Moya Moreno (History PhD)

Samantha Richmond (Archaeology MA Hons)

There are over 280 societies, and these awards go to students who have demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to their society or volunteering group whether it is a local or national charity, community group or student-led volunteering group

HCA History for Schools at Leith Academy

History for Schools

Clemency Brookfield (History MA Hons)

Menaka Gentle (History and Sociology MA Hons)

Duncan Lennon (Economic History and Business MA Hons)

Finella McKnight (History MA Hons)

Ella Robertson (History MA Hons)

Lauren Thom (History and Sociology MA Hons)

Emily Wilson (Classics and Linguistics MA Hons)

The initiative, begun in 2016 by 2016 by Dr Adam Budd, a Cultural History Lecturer, aims to help pupils see the meaning and relevance of history as a subject, and find out more about studying at University. Currently operating in four schools across Edinburgh, it plans to expand to bring 23 Honours students in History into five schools.


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