Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Fellowships

A second Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Fellow has been awarded connected to the Honour in Classical Greece project.

HCA Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Logo

The School is delighted to learn that the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (Bonn) has awarded Dr Felix Meister (Cologne) a Feodor Lynen Fellowship, to be held within the Classics subjects area, in association with the Honour in Classical Greece project.

This is the second success in this scheme this year, following an award to Dr Moritz Hinsch (Berlin) in March. Dr Hinsch will also be a guest of the Honour project.

Welcoming this latest success, Professor Douglas Cairns (Professor of Classics and PI, Honour in Classical Greece) said: ‘That the Classics Department has secured two Feodor Lynen Fellowships this year is testimony to our excellent relations with German academia in general and with the Humboldt Foundation in particular. We look forward to welcoming both Dr Meister and Dr Hinsch whenever circumstances allow.’

The School looks forward to welcoming Drs Meister and Hinsch in due course.