Leverhulme Success for Classics Graduates

The School was delighted to hear of recent successes of three Classics PhD graduates.

HCA Leverhulme Winners 2019
Drs Alexandre Johnston, Alison John and Alberto Esu

We’re always keen to hear from graduates of the School about what they’re doing, particularly when it’s something we can share and celebrate, so we were thrilled to hear from three recent Classics PhD graduates, two about to embark on Leverhulme Study Abroad Studentships and another's plans for academia following one.

Dr Alison John has been awarded a two-year Studentship. Her research project is called ‘Greek in Late Antique Gaul’ and she will hold it at the University of Ghent (Belgium), working with Professor Lieve Van Hoof. 

Dr Alberto Esu has also been awarded a two-year Studentship and he will be working with Professor Dr Christian Mann on a postdoctoral project entitled ‘Timē for Timai: Honour and Civic Performance in Classical and Hellenistic Greece’ at the Historisches Institut of the University of Mannheim (Germany).

And Dr Alexandre Johnston, who has been on a Studentship at the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa since December 2017, has just been appointed to a Junior Research Fellowship in Classics at University College, Oxford. His research project will be ‘Poetic Theologies: Literature, Religion, and Ethics in Archaic and Classical Greece’.

The School sends its warmest congratulations to Drs John, Esu and Johnston and looks forward to hearing of their further future successes.