Leverhulme Research Fellowship for Classics staff

Professor Andrew Erskine, Professor of Ancient History, has been awarded a one-year Leverhulme Research Fellowship.

HCA an image of Professor Andrew Erskine
Professor Andrew Erskine

The School was delighted to hear that Professor Andrew Erskine has recently been awarded a one-year Leverhulme Research Fellowship for the project 'Intellectual Culture in the Hellenistic World'. 

Professor Erskine plans to explore the interplay of cities and royal courts in the flourishing intellectual culture of the Eastern Mediterranean between the death of Alexander in 323 and the arrival of Rome in the second century BC - or, as he puts it "at a more basic level, why writing a scurrilous poem about your patron's incestuous marriage might not be such a good idea".

The School sends warmest congratulations to Andrew on his Fellowship.


Professor Andrew Erskine's staff profile

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