Supporting local students

This summer the Estates Department welcomed three students for four-week internships as part of Career Ready.

Career Ready is a UK wide charity which aims to help bridge the gap for students between school and the world of work through a two year mentoring programme, master classes and a paid internship at the end of the first year.

Career Ready works with businesses and employers to secure an internship that will not only let students experience the working world but also develop skills they will need to progress in their careers.

Recently, the Estates Department welcomed three interns from the Edinburgh area. Each intern was able to work in different areas within the Department. Their four-week internships were catered to their interests and career aspirations and involved activities including:

  • Working alongside the University’s Electricians in our Central Maintenance base
  • Attending the end of term student Graduations as a Security Officer 
  • Developing people skills by working on the Estates Helpdesk
  • Improving confidence by welcoming visitors at Reception
  • Learning new technical skills such as drawings on CAD
  • Contributing design ideas to current building projects
  • Speaking to staff members about their experiences with education and the career paths that have led to what they currently do.

At the end of the internship the students presented to their fellow interns and mentors as well as families and school teachers. They spoke about their internship experience and what they have taken away from their time at the University.

Katie McBain, Estates Business Support Manager, is currently mentoring one of the students and said: “Participating in the Career Ready programme has been a very rewarding experience. I feel privileged that I have been able to take up the opportunity to support a young person in learning more about the work place. It’s been great to see how he has grown and matured over the last few months since we first met and I believe he will benefit enormously from the work experience during his internship.”

July 2019

To find out more about the programme visit the University’s Youth Talent pages

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