Law School refurbishment

In November 2018, the Estates Department handed the keys to Old College back to Edinburgh Law School after a four year refurbishment of the iconic A listed building.

School of Law refurbishment

Prior to the refurbishment the proportion of Old College occupied by the Law School was falling short of the expectations of the flagship building, much of the interior had not received significant investment since alterations carried out in the 1970’s.

As part of the project the building was refurbished and remodelled to provide a mezzanine level for the Law School’s Professional Services team. There was also upgrades to the Law Library and learning and teaching spaces.

Accommodation, Catering and Events (ACE) also moved into the building with their new Quad Café located at the centre of the first floor. Alongside the rest of the building the café has been created to encourage study, collaboration and relaxation.

Martin Bonner, Head of Catering Operations (Retail) at Accommodation, Catering and Events said “Initially we had expected the Quad Café to serve around 830 customers a week, however our expectations have been significantly exceeded and on average we are seeing weekly transactions of around 1,500 which is a great result for the café.”

ACE strive to introduce new menu items every five weeks and cater for different dietary requirements at all their outlets. You can visit the Quad Café weekdays 8.30am – 5pm.

April 2019