Arcadia nursery at Easter Bush

A new nursery has been built at the University’s Easter Bush campus. Built by the Estates Department, the Arcadia nursery will be run by Accommodation, Catering and Events (ACE).

Arcadia during construction

Following staff requests for better childcare provision at the campus a suitable site was selected and construction commenced in Spring 2018.  There was a requirement to build the nursery within a short time frame so the Project team chose to work with construction company, Extraspace Solutions, who provide structural modules and offsite construction.

The company had worked with the University previously on the Mary Bruck four storey accommodation block at King's Buildings which provides a mixed use facility at the campus.

The design of the building includes timber cladding on the external walls to blend the nursery with its rural surroundings. A key part of the design includes an extensive outdoor play area and access to the natural environment. Natural light has been used extensively throughout the building and the colour scheme is based on a palette of calming neutrals. The nursery model is similar to the Arcadia nursery at King’s Buildings and has a maximum capacity of 78 children from babies to pre-schoolers.

The building was completed for the start of the new academic year and has already received a number of accolades. The Care Inspectorate rating it very highly as an excellent example of a facility providing early years care.    

November 2018