Coffee Neutral University

In June 2017, the Waste Team within the Estates Department partnered with Revive Eco and Helistrat to begin a coffee ground collection trial. 

The trial began at two Accommodation, Catering and Events (ACE) catering outlets. Due to the success of the trial the scheme was extended to all ACE outlets in July 2018 and all EUSA food outlets in September 2018. All sites across the University that produce coffee ground waste are now part of the scheme – that’s 20 sites in total! 

Sites now have dedicated internal and external coffee ground bins which are serviced weekly by waste management company Helistrat, who take the coffee grounds to Revive Eco in Glasgow for processing. Since June 2017 approximately 24 tonnes of coffee ground waste has been collected and recycled. 

Revive Eco process the coffee grounds to produce a 100% natural soil conditioner which our Landscape team purchase as an alternative to fertiliser. The Landscape team mix the conditioner with compost and have used it at numerous locations across the University including planters outside the Pleasance Gym. All of this means that we have been able to create a true ‘closed loop’ and it sees the University of Edinburgh as a ‘coffee neutral’ University.

February 2019