Turning our fleet electric

Since April 2017, all University internal mail has been delivered by our Servitors using electric vehicles.

In 2018, the Estates Department replaced 10 operational vehicles used by the Maintenance Teams with like for like electric alternatives, meaning 30% of the Estates fleet now have zero emissions. This has a significant impact on University emissions as the Estates Department currently runs a third of the University’s total fleet. 

New vehicles for Security, Furniture and Maintenance teams have been funded via the City of Edinburgh Council ‘Switched on Fleets’ programme. 

To meet the growing demand for electric vehicles we have installed electric charging points at various locations.  We currently have 21 at various locations across the City Areas and a hub of 10 at the King’s Buildings. Funding has been secured from Energy Savings Trust and plans are in place for third and fourth phase installations at the BioQuarter and Easter Bush.

All of our charge points are available for members of public to use as well as University branded vehicles. The ChargePlace Scotland website provides information on charge points across Scotland, their availability and charging speed (Standard, Fast and Rapid). 

Lyndsey Burns, Parking & Vehicle Manager, has been working with other Departments across the University to educate the benefits of using electric vehicles and assisting with funding applications for charge points and new vehicles.

As a result Accommodation, Catering and Events (ACE) will soon be installing 18 new charge points at Pollock Halls thanks to funding from Energy Savings Trust. Funding has also been secured from the ‘Switched on Fleets’ programme for ACE and Central Bio-Research Services (CBS), based in Hugh Robson Building, to fully fund an electric vehicle each on a three year lease. 

In 2019 Lyndsey, will continue to apply for funding for the University to provide more charge points and increase the fleet of electric vehicles. She will also continue working with colleagues to promote the environmental and monetary benefits of switching electric. 

February 2019