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Past and present directors of Edinburgh Infectious Diseases named as RSE fellows

Current co-director of Edinburgh Infectious Diseases Prof David Dockrell and former director Prof Ross Fitzgerald, have been named as fellows of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

David Dockrell and Ross Fitzgerald, FRSE
Profs David Dockrell and Ross Fitzgerald, FRSE

1,800 fellows

The Royal Society of Edinburgh was established in 1783 for “the advancement of learning and useful knowledge”.

As Scotland’s National Academy, the RSE use the combined knowledge of 1,800 fellows to provide independent expert advice to policymakers and inspire the next generation of innovative thinkers.

This knowledge contributes to the social and economic wellbeing of Scotland, its people and the nation’s wider contribution to the global community.

Nominated for individual excellence

The 57 new fellows in 2024 have been recognised for their individual excellence within their respective fields.

Prof David Dockrell, who is the current co-director of EID and also the Director of the Centre for Inflammation Research was nominated for his work on macrophages in host defence against bacteria and viruses with emphasis on microbicide mechanisms and cell death paradigms in pulmonary infection and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

I am honoured to be elected as a Fellow of RSE. I am very grateful for the support over my career that has led to this, particularly from all the members of the research teams that have worked so hard to generate our research findings. This would not have been possible without our funders, patients and research collaborators. I am excited to work with the RSE to promote careers in science and help promote the societal benefits of Scottish science.

Prof David DockrellChair of Infection Medicine, Director of the Centre for Inflammation Research and Co-Director of Edinburgh Infectious Diseases, The University of Edinburgh

Prof Ross Fitzgerald, who was the EID director between 2016 and 2023, was recognised for his work on the evolution and pathogenesis of clinically important species of Staphylococci including the major human and animal pathogen Staphylococcus aureus.

The Fitzgerald Lab in the Roslin Institute are currently using a range of molecular and genomic tools to understand the evolutionary origin and the molecular basis of staphylococcal diseases. A major goal is to translate their findings into new diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic approaches to controlling infections.

‘I’m very honoured to be elected to the Society and grateful to all those over the years who helped make it happen. I am appreciative of the opportunities my adopted homeland has provided for me and my family and look forward to doing my bit to further the RSE’s mission in Scotland and beyond

Prof Ross FitzgeraldPersonal Chair of Molecular Bacteriology, The Roslin Institute, The University of Edinburgh

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