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Survey to gauge Covid-19’s impact on our everyday lives

A survey has been launched to capture how Covid-19 is affecting the mood of the nation.

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The survey will not only gauge how lives have been affected, but could also inform future Government responses to the virus.

The poll will assess the psychological, social and economic impacts of the pandemic.

Questions put to the public will include how often they have they felt nervous or stressed; how much their daily routine has changed; and if lockdown has prompted them to start – or return to – a pastime that can be done at home. Alcohol and cigarette consumption, before and after the Covid-19 restrictions, will also be measured.

CovidLife survey

Some 7,000 volunteers will initially be asked to take part in the CovidLife survey.  All of them have registered online as part of a health research initiative managed by University of Edinburgh called Generation Scotland.

We are all experiencing the effects of Covid-19 differently. We want to know how people are feeling and coping right now during the ‘lockdown’ and see how that changes after Covid-19 has passed. Some will cope well and get back on their feet quickly, but others won't.  We want as many people as possible to complete the survey so we know what to plan for, and prepare for an uncertain post-Covid future.”

Professor David PorteousPrincipal Investigator for Generation Scotland at University of Edinburgh

Participants have already answered questions on their medical history and lifestyle, and granted access to their medical records. Each attended a research facility where clinical measurements and genetic samples were taken. The data will enable researchers to assess the health implications of the pandemic.

A further 17,000 volunteers who have agreed to take part in Generation Scotland are to be contacted by post, and asked to register online and complete the survey.

Generation Scotland, which was set up 14 years ago and is funded by Wellcome, facilitates genetic and health research through the collection of high quality, ethically consented samples and data.

The CovidLife survey is open to any UK residents over 18. Researchers are working with the Scottish Health Research Register (SHARE) and other UK research teams to recruit as widely as possible.

Sign up to the CovidLife survey here

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