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Congratulations to our new Fellows of the Royal Society of Edinburgh

Huge congratulations to three members of Edinburgh Infectious Diseases who have been elected as Fellows of the Royal Society of Edinburgh!

New fellows of RSE
New Fellows Professors Francisca Mutapi, Alex Rowe and Rosalind Allen.

Francisca Mutapi is Professor of Global Helath, Immunity and Infection in the School of Biologcal Sciences

She is also Deputy-Director of the Tackling infections to BenefictAfrica Global Heatlh Unit (TIBA), which is an Africa-led, wide-ranging, multi-disciplinary research programme that explores and draws lessons from the ways that different African health systems tackle infectious diseases.

TIBA aims to harness the expertise and technical capability in biomedical and social sciences at the University of Edinburgh and African partners to reduce the burden and threat of infectious diseases in Africa by informing and influencing health policy and strengthening health systems.

TIBA website

Alex Rowe is Professor of Molecular Medicine in the School of Biological Sciences

The main interest  in her lab lies in investigating the malaria parasite properties (virulence factors) and human genetic factors (malaria susceptibility genes) that contribute to life-threatening malaria.

The goal of her work is to gain a greater understanding of the processes leading to severe disease, to allow possible development of drugs or vaccines that will prevent children dying from malaria.

Rowe lab website

Rosalind Allen is Professor of Biological Physics at the School of Physics and Astronomy

Her research focuses on biological and soft condensed matter physics, using simulations, theory and experiments. In particular, Rosalind works on microbe-environment interactions - how single-celled organisms such as bacteria survive and grow in complex and changing environments.

She is especially interested in how bacterial populations are inhibited by, and evolve resistance to, antibiotics, and how nutrient-cycling microbial ecosystems establish themselves and maintain their function.

Allen Lab website

Other new fellows

Details of the other new Fellows of the Royal Society of Edinburgh elected in 2020 can be found on Society's website.

RSE website