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Newly announced Research and Innovation Strategy encompasses EID's themes

The University of Edinburgh's Research and and Innovation Strategy 2030 highlights the importance of cross-college initiatives like Edinburgh Infectious Diseases as key platforms for delivering the new strategy.

At the end of January 2024, the University of Edinburgh published its Research and Innovation Strategy 2030.

Key missions

The new strategy underpins the University’s three key missions to address:  (1) Future Health and Care; (2) Climate and Environment; and (3) Data, Digital and AI.

The new Strategy also seeks to ensure that the research environment in Edinburgh allows all staff to do extraordinary work, recognising the importance and value of contributions from technicians, professional services and researchers.

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The University will continue to nurture cutting-edge discovery research, which underpins the solutions of tomorrow.

Cross-college initiatives, like Edinburgh Infectious Diseases (EID), that build vibrant communities of connected researchers across a geographically-spread institution, are key platforms for delivery of the University Research and Innovation Strategy 2030.

Key challenges include One Health

Within the main missions, 13 key challenge areas for research and innovation have been identified, reflecting current excellence and future ambitions in Edinburgh, including One Health, Data for health innovation, Healthy lives and Future food systems. 

By drawing together researchers from social, basic and clinical sciences backgrounds, EID supports development of the truly transdisciplinary approaches needed to tackle these complex problems – from preparing for the next pandemic, to understanding how climate change will impact spill over of zoonotic diseases, to breeding livestock and crops that are resilient against infections for a sustainable and planet friendly future.

The University's Research and Innovation Strategy 2030 recognises themes that have been developed in EID and we look forward to building further research synergies that support Edinburgh’s ambitious research goals.

Professor Sarah ReeceCo-Director, Edinburgh Infectious Diseases, School of Biological Sciences

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