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Meet the EBSOC team and get to know us better!

Dr Nicola Stock

Dr.Nicola Stock_EBSOC profile

I am the Public Engagement with Research Manager at The Roslin Institute and Project Lead for The Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre (EBSOC). My job is to lead on public engagement activities at The Roslin Institute and I am delighted to have EBSOC up and running after almost four years of planning!

I’ve worked in science communication and engagement for over ten years, but I started out as a scientist, studying biology and infectious diseases at the University of Cambridge, followed by work in a research lab at the University of Leeds and a PhD in Molecular Virology at the University of St Andrews. My first experience of science communication was as a volunteer docent (visitor guide) at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, while I was working as a postdoctoral researcher at Northwestern University.

I enjoyed working with visitors to the museum so much that I decided to leave my career in the research lab and work in science communication full time, first as a Science Explainer at the Centre for Life in Newcastle, and then as their Education Officer and Education Manager. I enjoy all types of science engagement and I led a wide range of projects at Centre for Life, from hands-on maths and early years science to schools outreach and the UK-wide Hands-on DNA project, so when the opportunity to join The Roslin Institute came up in autumn 2012 I jumped at the chance to combine my background in research with my science communication skills.


Jayne Quoiani

Mrs. Jayne Quoiani EBSOC Profile

I am the Education and Engagement Officer at The Roslin Institute and I devlop and deliver the learning programmes at the Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre. I develop and deliver workshops and activities that are curriculum linked and I train and support our researchers to explain current scientific research as part of our programmes for schools, young people, families and the public.

I have a background in both scientific research and science education. I studied molecular biology at The University of Edinburgh and went on to do a MRes in medical genetics. I then worked for 10 years in formal education, as a primary and lower-secondary science teacher, and in my last school I was appointed Head of Science. I have worked with several different curricula and hold a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) awarded by The University of Dundee, specialising in international education.

In more recent years, I have worked as a science education writer and resource developer; writing for several large publishing houses including Macmillan, McGraw-Hill and Oxford University Press. I have authored several books that form part of the Primary School STEM series "Think, Do, Learn" (Oxford University Press) reaching teachers and pupils all over the world, bringing them ideas for how to include hands-on science and active learning in their classrooms.

I am passionate about science education, giving pupils and their teachers the skills and tools to be able to do their own science in their own classrooms. As a lifelong learner I enjoy my work immensely, as every day brings something new.

Lisa Ritchie

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I am the Public Engagement & Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre Administration Assistant, based at The Roslin Institute.  My job is to provide administrative support to the Public Engagement Team, including co-ordinating EBSOC's programme of workshops. 

I studied history at The University of Edinburgh, went on to work in events administration and in my spare time, I am The Dalkeith Agricultural Show’s Sheep Secretary.  I enjoy working in events because of all the great people that I meet, but it is the icing on the cake to be a part of something so worthwhile here at EBSOC.





Over the last few years we have taken on interns to support EBSOC and learn valuable skills including time management, event planning, and organisation skills. We are proud to have partnered with EASTBIO to provide PIPS opportunities. If you are interested in doing your PIPS with us, please get in touch with us. You can also contact previous PIPS students to learn more about what doing a PIPS with us is like!

Danny Schnitzler


My research looks at extreme prenatal stress and the programming effects this has on offspring in a rat model. Women that experience extreme stress during pregnancy, such as war, domestic abuse, or natural disasters, have children who experience anxiety and depression in adulthood. I believe commmunicating my research is just as important as carrying out and through my internship I have been learning so much about the ways I can have an impact on my audience! 








Scott Dillon

PIPS intern Scott Dillon

My PhD project explores how you make a skeleton while an embryo is developing. I use powerful electron microscopes to study the methods by which bone cells can create the rock-like hard part of the skeleton at the nanometre scale - that's about 60,000X smaller than the width of a human hair! There are many things that can go wrong with this process resulting in conditions which affect millions, including soft bones in young people and osteoporosis and fractures in older people. It was a real privilidge to do my internship with EBSOC. My work there taught me a huge amount about how to reach out to the public to talk about my research, and the impact this can have for both them and myself!