Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre

Meet a Roslin Scientist

Use our collection of short videos and profiles of our Roslin Institute scientists with your class, to explore what scientists do and what they are really like.

Microorganisms | Pesky Parasites

Meet Omar Alfituri, a research scientist who works with infectious diseases. Omar works in the lab with parasites called trypanosomes which infect humans and animals. He is investigating how these parasites get into the body, to stop them making humans and animals sick.

DNA & Data | Best Behaviour

Meet Juliane Friedrich, she works in quantitative genetics which means she studies characteristics (phenotypes) that involve lots of different genes. Learn how she became a geneticist and how she uses computers to answer her science questions.

Microorganisms | Disease & Infection

Meet Cosmin Chintoan-Uta who is a research scientist that works with infectious diseases. In addition to his main work on foodborne infectious diseases, Cosmin also works in the lab with a parasite called Histomonas which infects a wide range of birds. It kills turkeys, but chickens only have a mild disease from which they recover.

Cells & Development | What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Meet Megan Davey, a research scientist who studies how animal and human bodies are programmed to develop from a single cell into an adult. This area of science is called developmental biology.

Genetics & Conservation | Dolphin DNA

Meet Marc Gose, a researcher who works on marine mammal conservation genetics.