Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre

Primary & Lower Secondary Resources

A selection of classroom and home resources created by the Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre and the Roslin Institute to get your young investigators to get hands-on with real-science and explore real-world science.

Meet a Roslin Scientist

Meet a Roslin Scientist - images of a cell culture dish, test tube with green liquid, and screen with computer code
Use our collection of short videos and profiles of our Roslin Institute scientists to explore what scientists do and what they are really like.

More Milk Zuri?!

Follow the story of Zuri’s quest - how can genetics help her to produce enough milk for all of the children in her village? This resource has been designed for pupils aged 8 to 14 years old and has interdisciplinary curriculum links with science, social science, literacy and sustainability.

Project Science

Project Science is series of simple hands-on activities that aim to support primary school classroom practitioners to use the scientific method and explore real-life research with their learners. It includes a research non-fiction critical reading text based on research happening at the University’s world leading animal science research centre the Roslin Institute- home of Dolly the Sheep! 

Microbiology Toolkit - Pondering Pond Life

In this microbiology toolkit, for teachers working with pupils aged 8 - 14 years old, we provide free downloadable classroom resources to support your learners to use the scientific method to investigate pond water microorganisms.

Animal Behaviour Toolkit - Opening a Can of Worms

In this award winning teacher toolkit, we will provide some examples of investigation topics, give you some tips on how to support your learners and give you the opportunity to create your own investigations with your pupils.

Read about Real-life Science

Download a free selection of critical reading texts designed for primary school aged pupils in upper primary and early secondary (9 - 14 years) based on the current research happening at The Roslin Institute and across the University of Edinburgh's Easter Bush Campus. These interactive texts encourage critical thinking and give opportunities for you pupils to discuss and engage with real science.