Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre

Meet a Roslin Scientist

Use our collection of short videos and profiles of our Roslin Institute scientists to explore what scientists do and what they are really like.

Microorganisms | Beat the Bugs!

Meet Sara Clohisey, a research scientist who works in a lab at the Roslin Institute. Sara works with a team of people to investigate why some people get very ill and others do not, even if they have the same “bug”.

Microorganisms | Growing Bacteria

Meet Lindsay Jarvis, who is a technician at the Roslin Institute. Lindsay helps prepare the microbiology classes for our students and grows bacteria.

Body Systems | Keeping our Hearts Healthy

Meet Kanchan Phadwal, a research scientist who works on heart disease. Kanchan works in the lab and does experiments to better understand a process in your cells.

DNA & Disease | Protecting Pigs

Meet Amanda Warr, a research scientist who investigates viruses that infect pigs. Amanda does this by looking at the their DNA.

Health & Food | A Bug's Life

Meet Leticia Lara, a research scientist who is studying insects. These insects can be used as food for farm animals all around the world - and maybe for people too!

Treatment & Disease | Curing Cystic Fibrosis

Meet Gerry McLachlan, a research scientist who is investigating a genetic diseases. Gerry leads a group of scientists and together they are trying to better understand a disease called cystic fibrosis and discover ways to treat it.

Cells & Disease | Culturing Chickens

Meet Tessa Nash, a vet doing scientific research on improving how we study chicken diseases in the lab.

Computers & Programming | Analysing Animals

Meet Andy Law, a scientist who writes computer programs and builds databases. Andy manages lots of data and make sense of the information produced by scientific research projects.

Computers & Programming | Disease and Data

Meet Barbara Shih, a bioinformatician. Barbara uses computers and computer programming to answer her scientific questions.

DNA & Health | The Perfect Pedigree

Meet Mateja Janes, a scientist working to improve dog health. Majeta is helping dog breeders to breed healthy puppies.