Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre

Upper Secondary & College Resources

A selection of classroom and home resources for older students to support their studies, get an insight into scientific careers and explore real-world science.

Lab Techniques in Action

We have a growing range of recorded demonstrations, designed to support learners to develop their knowledge and understanding of key laboratory techniques.

Meet a Roslin Scientist

Meet a Roslin Scientist - images of a cell culture dish, test tube with green liquid, and screen with computer code
Use our collection of short videos and profiles of our Roslin Institute scientists with your class, to explore what scientists do and what they are really like.

DNA Gel Electrophoresis Wall Tank

This photocopiable resource has been developed by the Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre to help support teachers who are teaching the theory of gel electrophoresis.  

PCR Simulation Activity

A paper-based PCR simulation activity to reinforce how PCR works - free to download and use in your classroom.

Read about Real-Life Research

Woman examining something through a microscope in a lab.
Download a free selection of case studies written for secondary & college pupils that reveal the current research happening at The Roslin Institute and across the University of Edinburgh's Easter Bush Campus.  These interactive resources encourage critical thinking and give opportunities for you pupils to discuss and engage with real science.

Real-life Research Data

Staff and student analysing data at a computer
We've put together a directory of freely available datasets for you to use in the classroom. These range from open source public and Government material, to case study linked examples of real scientific data from researchers at the Easter Bush Campus.

Science Talks

A series of short talks about current scientific research happening here at The Roslin Institute. Hear from the scientists themselves as they describe their research and what inspired them to get into science in the first place!

Research Spotlights

Female staff member in laboratory
Learn more about the work and life of our Roslin Institute scientists in our series of interviews.