Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre

Research Spotlights

Learn more about the work and life of our Roslin Institute scientists in our series of interviews.

Dr Vicky MacRae on bone formation and calcified arteries

Similarities and differences of bone formation and calcified arteries, and the importance of a happy work environment.

Dr Gerry McLachlan on Cystic Fibrosis

Gene therapy treatments for cystic fibrosis in humans, challenge of engaging the public and his dream of being Kenny Dalglish.

Dr Mark Barnett on the genetics of bees

Scientist Dr Mark Barnett showing a young child the bee apiary
The creation of the campus apiary and how whole genome sequencing, bioinformatics and breeding could help honey bee health.

Dr Megan Davey on how embryos grow

Photo of Dr Megan Davey of the Roslin Institute
Why we have five fingers, recreating 250 million years of evolution, Sonic the Hedgehog and the wish of being a fiction writer.

Dr Rob Ogden on conservation genetics

How genetic research helps wildlife conservation, the importance of involving communities and his dream of being a football player.