Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre

Secondary Schools

Our Secondary school workshops, for pupils from S1 to S6, are all curriculum-linked, interactive and reveal the real-life science being done at The Roslin Institute, the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies and across the University of Edinburgh. We give your pupils the opportunity to speak with real scientists, vets and animal nurses.


DNA & the Genome | PCR Masterclass: A Question of Taste

A full day, hands-on polymerase chain reaction (PCR) masterclass. Using their own DNA, students will discover and compare their version of a bitter taste receptor gene (genotype) with their ability to taste the bitter compound (phenotype). Includes a unique opportunity to meet and work with our scientists.

The Skills Lab: Nat 5 Lab Skills Outreach Project

Lab skills make research happen. Read about our latest project The Skills Lab, a unique opportunity for young people of Scotland to work with University of Edinburgh scientists.

Meet a Roslin Scientist - Virtual Visit

Meet a Roslin Scientist - images of a cell culture dish, test tube with green liquid, and screen with computer code
Your class can take part in a virtual visit to the Roslin Institute, meet one of our scientists and find out about science in the real world!

Dolly, DNA & Me: Cells & Inheritance

Look at your cells, learn about DNA, extract your own and take it home!

Farm Detectives: Microorganisms & Disease

Get hands-on with microorganisms and stop the spread of dangerous bacteria that are making our farm animals sick.

DNA Profiling: The Great Escape

Farmer Jamie needs your help to find a mischievous sheep. Can you use evidence from the farm and DNA profiling to solve the mystery?

Lab Skills| DNA Profiling: The Great Escape

A full day workshop to develop pupils’ practical lab skills and knowledge through working in our laboratory. They will prepare the solutions and agarose gels needed to carry out gel electrophoresis, supported by scientists and technicians working at the University.

Proteins & Antibodies | ELISA Masterclass: Flu Fighters

Student in lab
A full day, hands-on workshop working with proteins and antibodies. A chance for your AH pupils to work with our scientists and use real lab equipment. In this enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) masterclass, your pupils will diagnose the disease status of chickens to identify which are infected with the influenza virus.

Bee Lab: Diagnosing the Health of Your Honey Bees

Working with beekeepers and bee scientists, your pupils will analyse the health of the honeybees they have been caring for.  In this full day, hands-on, citizen science workshop, your pupils will investigate if your bee colonies have Nosema using DNA and microscope analysis. This is a chance to for them to learn about the science behind bee health, contribute to real-research and meet and work with other bee enthusiasts.