Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre

Primary Schools

Our P6 & P7 primary workshops are fun, hands-on, curriculum-linked learning experiences that reveal the world of science and veterinary work. All our workshops give an opportunity for your pupils to chat and work with real scientists and/or vets.

Dolly, DNA & Me: Cells & Inheritance

Look at your cells, create your own cell model and learn about your own DNA!

Farm Detectives: Microorganisms & Disease

Get hands-on with microorganisms and stop the spread of dangerous bacteria that are making our farm animals sick.

Pet Accident & Emergency: Healthy Hearts

Find out how vets help pets in an emergency, learn all about blood and the circulatory system and help our vets choose the right treatment for Buddy the dog.

Pet Accident & Emergency: Building Bones

Find out how bones work, what makes them special and how they grow and repair.  This unique workshop brings the expertise of bone scientists and vets together to  learn about bones and the different ways they can be mended.  Help us choose the right treatment for Dougal the dog.