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PCR in Action

This video has been designed to support Higher Biology and Higher Human Biology learners to develop their knowledge and understanding of PCR.

Our interactive video series Lab Techniques in Action shows commonly used lab techniques that are explored in the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence.  These videos form part of the National e-Learning Offer by Education Scotland and are available to support your learners to develop their knowledge and understanding of these techniques.  

This video shows the laboratory technique Polymerase Chain Reaction, known as PCR, which is used by scientists; to make many copies of a specific section of DNA. It has been designed specifically for pupils studying the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence Higher Biology & Higher Human Biology courses.

This video is not an instructional video and should not be used as a resource to carry out the techniques in your school.  If you do wish to carry out PCR in your school you can visit the SSERC website for more information.  If you would like your Higher pupils to get hands-on with PCR then you can bring them to us to take part in our PCR Masterclass: A Question of Taste workshop. 


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