Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre

Funding for Schools

A list of potential funding sources that can be used to deliver enhance STEM in your school.

The following are grants that primarily aim to support science education in school.


  1. The Royal Society Partnership Grants


This grant allows schools to set up STEM projects for students aged 5-18. The grant requires both a school partner, that is a teacher or science technician, and a STEM partner. It gives the students the opportunity to learn about the latest research in STEM and gain a better understanding of STEM professionals.

Grant amount: £3000

Contact Details: education@royalsociety.org / 020 7451 2531. 


  1. STEM Grants for schools


The grants, from the Royal Institute, are specially designed to enrich the educational experience of students and professional development of teachers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The grants may be awarded twice a year as well, which can be found in Ri’s education newsletter.

Grant amount: up to £500

Application start date: 11th September 2018

Conditions: select activity from the STEM Directory

Contact details: stemgrants@ri.ac.uk / 020 7670 2904.