Centre for Reproductive Health

CRH takes part in the 2021 Midlothian Science Festival schools programme

CRH’s Ginnie Clark and Rocío Martínez Aguilar ran a ‘Meet the scientist’ session with S3 Chemistry and Biology classes from Lasswade High School, on 14.10.21

Rocío Martínez Aguilar spoke about her research into heavy menstrual bleeding (in the Maybin lab) and took the students on a tour of the CRH, showing them examples of her work and discussing why it is important to study menstruation.


Rocio's career
Rocio outlined her pathway to becoming a scientist and gave the students an example of what a typical day in research could look like, as well as giving useful advice to those considering careers in STEM.


The students watched the new CRH ‘Menstrual Problems’ animation, before we invited them to take part in a Q&A.