Centre for Reproductive Health

The CRH’s Dr Michael Rimmer co-launches male fertility initiative

A new global initiative has been set up to develop a core outcome set for future male fertility trials.

Doctor Mike Rimmer
Dr Michael Rimmer, part of the ‘core-working group’ of COMMIT

Infertility affects about one in six couples, with male factor infertility causing around a third of overall cases.

Core Outcome Measures for Infertility Trials (COMMIT) will be made up of clinicians, researchers and men with infertility from 25 different countries. Dr Michael Rimmer, ECAT Clinical Research Training Fellow in the Mitchell lab, is one of five researchers who form the ‘core-working group’, to co-ordinate this new initiative.

This multinational group will reach a global consensus to decide which outcomes should be reported and how these should be defined.  These outcomes - or the ‘core outcome set’ - will be used in all future male fertility trials. This will create consistent results and a reduction of research waste. Most importantly, researchers from all over the world will be able to collect and use a set of global results and will in turn develop an increased understanding of successful treatments.

The key aim is to improve and streamline research into male infertility to enable healthcare professionals and researchers to provide better care and support for men with infertility.

As well as clinicians and researchers, men with fertility problems are being encouraged to contribute, to ensure there is patient involvement and input.  More details can be found here: 


If you would like to ask Dr Michael Rimmer any questions about COMMIT or wish to request to join the group as either a clinician, researcher or patient, please email: Michael.Rimmer@ed.ac.uk