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Archive news and public engagement updates from the Centre for Reproductive Health in 2021.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) update

Latest updates on guidance from The University of Edinburgh.

Wearable technology could improve future healthcare

Professor Andrew Horne hopes that innovative wearable technology will improve treatment options for endometriosis.

CRH researchers named winners of FSRH competition

CRH’s Professor Sharon Cameron and Dr John Reynolds-Wright won the FSRH’s David Bromham Seed Research Fund 2021 competition.

Future treatment for male infertility

​​​​​​​CRH’s Professor Rod Mitchell spoke to the press about revolutionary fertility transplants in males following cancer treatment.

Fertility Preservation animation launches

​​​​​​​MRC Centre for Reproductive Health is delighted to share our latest animation with you.

Endometriosis discussion in ‘Bun in the oven’ podcast

Professor Andrew Horne features in this episode of the popular ‘Bun in the Oven’ podcast, talking about endometriosis.

Engagement for Impact programme – CRH session

The CRH’s Ginnie Clark was invited to create and run a session with the students involved in the 2021/2022 cohort of the ‘Engagement for Impact’ PhD programme.

Dr Jackie Maybin contributes to article on periods

Commentary educates and informs on the topic of menstruation.

Covid-19 in pregnancy : Dr Sarah Stock (15.10.21)

Read CRH’s Dr Stock’s expert commentary in this important BBC article discussing Covid-19 and pregnancy, including the rise in pregnant women needing treated in ICU.

CRH takes part in the 2021 Midlothian Science Festival schools programme

CRH’s Ginnie Clark and Rocío Martínez Aguilar ran a ‘Meet the scientist’ session with S3 Chemistry and Biology classes from Lasswade High School, on 14.10.21

CRH involvement in PET events

The Progress Educational Trust (PET), in partnership with the Scottish Government, is currently running free reproductive health events, involving a number of CRH researchers and associates.

Unequal fertility services access for cancer survivors

Young people who survive cancer are at risk of missing out on the chance of one day having children, research shows.

Covid19 vaccine causing a possible (transient) disruption to the menstrual cycle

Dr Maybin appears on Good Morning Scotland speaking about the Covid-19 vaccine

Drug repurposing to treat endometriosis

CRH’s Professor Horne recently spoke to a journalist from Pharmacology Matters about the repurposing of drugs to treat endometriosis.

Reassuring data from COPS study

The latest figures gathered as part of the COPS study, a partnership between Dr Sarah Stock and colleagues at MRC CRH and the Usher Institute, have been published.

Menstruation animation launches

MRC Centre for Reproductive Health is delighted to share our latest animation with you.

No long term effect on fertility from vaccines

CRH’s Dr Jackie Maybin appears on BBC Scotland’s ‘The Seven’ news programme to alleviate concerns that the Covid-19 vaccine can impact fertility.

Sunshine in early pregnancy can reduce premature birth risk

A new study from Dr Sarah Stock and Tommy’s Centre for Maternal and Fetal Health at the CRH suggests that getting more sunlight while pregnant can reduce the chance of placenta problems associated with premature birth and baby loss.

Common steroid could reduce heavy menstrual bleeding

Women who experience heavy menstrual bleeding could have their blood loss reduced by treatment with a common anti-inflammatory steroid, research suggests.

National coverage highlights Dr Stock’s vital maternal and fetal health research

Almost 4,000 pregnant women have taken up a Covid-19 vaccine in Scotland, with no adverse effects reported.

CRH’s successful contribution to ESHRE 2021

The second online ESHRE took place from June 26 – July 1, 2021.

3 Minute Thesis – success for CRH

Huge congratulations to Niamh McNamara from the Miron lab at CRH. She won both the second place prize and the People’s Choice award with her presentation ‘The Brain as an Orchestra: The Role of Conductors’.

Contributions to important women’s health articles

CRH’s Dr Jackie Maybin contributes to important women’s health articles

Dr Sarah Stock speaks to the BBC about pregnant women receiving the Covid-19 vaccine

CRH’s Dr Sarah Stock was asked by the BBC to give her expert opinion on pregnant women being vaccinated against Covid-19.

15th World Congress on Endometriosis (WCE2023)

Professor Horne speaks of delight at WCE2023 being held in Edinburgh

Scotsman opinion piece

Professor Hilary Critchley has written an excellent opinion piece for The Scotsman (08.06.21) which focuses on heavy menstrual bleeding (HMB) and her groundbreaking menstrual health research at MRC CRH.

Covid-19 vaccine study for pregnant women launches

The first Covid-19 vaccine study for women who are pregnant has been launched across the UK – with Edinburgh playing a key role in the research.

​​​​​​​CRH’s Dr Sarah Stock gives expert commentary on the Covid-19 vaccine in pregnancy

​​​​​​​The Herald was looking for a maternal and fetal health expert to speak about pregnant women receiving the Covid-19 vaccine.

The Countess of Wessex addresses ‘hidden’ women’s health issues as she accepts charity Royal Patron role

The Countess of Wessex discusses menopause, periods and pregnancy care in conversation celebrating her appointment as Patron of Wellbeing of Women

Online event with Professor Duncan - PCOS

The CRH’s Professor Duncan was the expert speaker in an online webinar on 19.05, organised by The Lowdown.

MRC CRH projects included in 2021 PhD programme

​​​​​​​The 2021 PhD with Integrated Studies in Medical Sciences with Engagement programme will be commencing later this summer and it has been announced that there will be two projects taking place in CRH.

Review article from the Pollard lab is selected for Immunity cover feature

​​​​​​​The current issue of Immunity (Volume 54, Issue 5) features an impressive review article by CRH’s Professor Jeff Pollard and Dr Esra Guc.

MRC CRH reveals first animation

The MRC Centre for Reproductive Health is delighted to share its first scientific animation, which focuses on the chronic reproductive health condition endometriosis.

The CRH’s Dr Michael Rimmer co-launches male fertility initiative

A new global initiative has been set up to develop a core outcome set for future male fertility trials.

Endometriosis treatment boosted by EU project

A major international research project that aims to improve the treatment and quality of life of patients with endometriosis.

Obesity is linked to heavy periods and impaired womb repair

Obesity is linked to heavier periods and may be caused by delayed repair of the womb lining

CRH staff shortlisted in the CMVM staff recognition awards

Many congratulations to the CRH staff members who have been shortlisted in the new CMVM recognition awards.

Male contraceptive trial attracts media attention

CRH’s Professor Richard Anderson and Dr John Reynolds-Wright have been speaking to print and broadcast media about the future creation of a male contraceptive pill.

Ending Endometriosis month on a high

To mark the end of endometriosis awareness month, Professor Andrew Horne featured in a new episode of ‘The Fertility Podcast’.

Andrew Horne becomes a RSE Fellow

The CRH wishes Professor Horne many congratulations as he is named a 2021 RSE fellow.

Professor Mitchell’s comments regarding a possible link between pollution and cryptorchidism

A study, published in Human Reproduction, looked at cryptorchidism in France and the local geographical environment.

‘Covid-19 in Pregnancy’ Research Insights event

The CRH’s Dr Sarah Stock (Senior Clinical Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Maternal and Fetal Health) and Dr Rachael Wood (Consultant in Public Health Medicine for Public Health Scotland) formed the expert panel in the popular ‘Covid-19 in Pregnancy’ Research Insights event, which took place on 10.03.21.

Professor Horne’s quest to raise awareness of endometriosis

The CRH’s Professor Andrew Horne is focused on raising awareness of the condition endometriosis, which one in 10 women suffer from, and is using Endometriosis Awareness Month as a hook to increase public understanding.

International Women’s Day

On 8 March 2021, International Women’s Day was celebrated throughout the world.

CRH expands Associate members

CRH is delighted to have welcomed a number of new Associates over recent months.

Educational resources developed for the HOPE website are shared in West Lothian

West Lothian Council is actively raising awareness of endometriosis and promoting new educational resources.

The CRH fly the flag at Fertility 2021

Fertility 2021 – the joint conference of the Association of Reproductive & Clinical Scientists, British Fertility Society and the Society for Reproduction & Fertility – is the largest UK educational forum focusing on fertility and reproductive medicine.

Dr Maybin contributes to gender health article

The CRH’s Dr Jackie Maybin contributed to this article on the gender health gap and how best to tackle it, which has appeared in The Flock.

New associate member at the CRH

We wish a warm welcome to new associate member Dr Douglas Gibson.