Centre for Reproductive Health

Male contraceptive trial attracts media attention

CRH’s Professor Richard Anderson and Dr John Reynolds-Wright have been speaking to print and broadcast media about the future creation of a male contraceptive pill.

Broadcasting: Male contraceptive
Dr John Reynolds-Wright and Professor Richard Anderson

Dr Reynolds-Wright led a trial at CRH using a rub-on gel, which is made of a combination of testosterone (the male sex hormone) and Nesterone (synthetic progesterone, a hormone involved in sperm production amongst a plethora of other functions). The gel works by ‘turning off’ the part of the brain that instructs the testicles to make sperm.

The resounding success of the trial is very exciting progress and it is hoped that the creation of a male pill will offer an additional contraception option to couples.

Read more about this study and the male contraceptive pill concept in this Telegraph article (29.03.21).