Centre for Reproductive Health

Online event with Professor Duncan - PCOS

The CRH’s Professor Duncan was the expert speaker in an online webinar on 19.05, organised by The Lowdown.

The Lowdown is a women’s health platform which was created to educate women on contraception and inform them of the different options available.

72 participants joined Professor Duncan’s fascinating Polycystic Ovary Syndrome presentation. He spoke about the condition, what causes it, what can exacerbate it, the impact it may have on fertility, and the best contraceptive choices for women with PCOS.

He also offered an update on his research at CRH, including the hope of improved treatment options for those affected by PCOS.

The event ended with a lively Q&A and Professor Duncan was thanked for giving such an informative and engaging presentation.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome event May 2021

You can watch the full recording here, and learn more about PCOS and Professor Duncan’s research.