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Covid-19 in pregnancy : Dr Sarah Stock (15.10.21)

Read CRH’s Dr Stock’s expert commentary in this important BBC article discussing Covid-19 and pregnancy, including the rise in pregnant women needing treated in ICU.

Dr Stock

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Dr Stock said there was ‘evidence Covid-19 led to higher premature birth rates and probably caused more stillbirths as well’.

She added: "Being pregnant affects your response to infections. We know that pregnant women are more susceptible to viruses - and this is probably what we're seeing with Covid-19."

Dr Stock also spoke on Good Morning Scotland and Reporting Scotland to raise awareness that pregnant women could be severely affected by Covid-19 infection (and explained why), whilst encouraging them to get vaccinated.

She also discussed the COPS study, which she co-leads.

See the most recent result from the COPS study below:

Data for Scotland on confirmed cases of COVID-19 occurring in pregnancy, and COVID-19 vaccination for pregnant women, has been released by Public Health Scotland.

The data comes from the COVID-19 in Pregnancy in Scotland (COPS) study, which is co-led by Public Health Scotland and the University of Edinburgh.