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Professor Horne’s quest to raise awareness of endometriosis

The CRH’s Professor Andrew Horne is focused on raising awareness of the condition endometriosis, which one in 10 women suffer from, and is using Endometriosis Awareness Month as a hook to increase public understanding.


Professor Andrew Horne
Andrew and his team of researchers believe that more awareness will reduce diagnosis times and improve the lives of individuals with the condition.

Endometriosis is a condition where tissue similar to the lining of the womb grows elsewhere inside the body. It can be incredibly painful, and can take eight years to diagnose. There is an urgent need for increased financial investment into endometriosis research and better treatment options.

Professor Horne is currently leading a study looking at dichloroacetate, a drug currently used to treat rare metabolic conditions in children. It helps to control lactate levels, which have been found to be higher in patients with some cancers and endometriosis.

Dichloroacetate's key benefit is that, unlike every other drug currently used to treat the condition, it is non-hormonal.

This work is among a number of important research projects led by Professor Horne at MRC CRH offering hope for people with the condition which will be described in more detail at the World Congress on Endometriosis being hosted in Edinburgh in 2023.

Video: WCE2023
WCE2023 will be presided over by Professor Andrew Horne of the University of Edinburgh. He will be working with UK-wide colleagues from the UK Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain Network.
Endometriosis collage
Professor Horne appeared on BBC News and spoke about endometriosis and his research at the CRH. Frances Collins was filmed carrying out vital lab work and a number of endometriosis patient case studies also featured.

Throughout Endometriosis Awareness Month (March) Professor Horne has been speaking to journalists about endometriosis and his important research in a quest to raise awareness and spark conversations about this topic.

Please see below some of the high-profile coverage generated so far. Professor Horne provided expert commentary to these news outlets, often talking about his ground-breaking research at CRH.


Further coverage is anticipated throughout endometriosis awareness month following interviews Professor Horne has conducted with journalists. A Daily Mail piece is about to appear and further media coverage is expected across ITV, The Guardian and a live appearance on Women’s Hour on 18.03.21.

Andrew’s online events this month include appearing on The Fertility Podcast (broadcast date: 29.03.21), being the expert on a Zoom Q&A with 200 participants for the contraception platform The Lowdown on 18.03.21 and being one of the experts on the ‘My Endometriosis’ Twitter Q&A run by the Cochrane Gynaecology and Fertility group (21.03.21).

An Endometriosis themed scientific animation is currently being created which will teach the public more about this condition and the support that is available. Watch this space!

Additional information:

  • All filming took place in-line with social distancing guidelines.
  • Please see the complete suite of ‘Meet the team’ videos of Professor Horne and the EXPPECT team, who work on endometriosis research at CRH