Centre for Reproductive Health

Foreword from the Co-Directors of the Centre for Reproductive Health, Professors Richard Anderson and Hilary Critchley

The Centre for Reproductive Health has an exciting future ahead.

As we plan our move to our new location based in the Institute for Regeneration and Repair (IRR) towards the end of the year we will embrace a new chapter in our Centres development. The Centre has an amazing 50 year history!

Our strategic themes ensure that the CRH remains the place to research and study reproductive health now and in the future. Our Centre’s research portfolio harnesses the exceptional skills of our outstanding research community.

Furthermore as we celebrate the University’s success in recent REF (UoE Clinical Medicine ranked fourth in the UK and first in Scotland; CRH research featured here), we look forward to the opportunity to embrace our wider research environment and co-create new collaboration opportunities on the Bioquarter site (IRR; Usher Institute; future QMRI/Chancellors visions for a focus on “brain and body”) and across the University campuses.

Together with the CRH executive we have worked to refresh our future research themes and onward opportunities to strengthen current areas of research activity and develop areas hitherto less closely aligned. This will benefit greatly from the critical mass of activity centred in reproductive biology and health.

Our future themes are broadly captured under the following:

  • Gonads, Germ Cells, Fertility and its Preservation
  • Translational gynaecology research to enhance women’s lifelong health
  • Reproductive Cancers
  • Pregnancy and birth: foundations of lifelong health
  • Global Sexual and Reproductive Health: Accelerating progress towards sexual reproductive health for all

Our relocation to the IRR where we will work alongside and in close partnership with other leading University groups promises an exciting future.

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