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‘Tackling the pain of endometriosis’

Research Insights event

Endometriosis Event
The CRH’s Professor Andrew Horne and CIR’s Professor Philippa Saunders (also CRH Associate Member) formed the expert panel in the popular ‘Tackling the pain of endometriosis’ Research Insights event, which took place on 17.02.21.

Professor Andrew Horne and Professor Saunders highlighted the negative effects of endometriosis on 1 in 10 women whilst showcasing the positive preclinical results of their research, which offer hope for new treatment options.

Combining their clinical and research expertise, the professors spoke about their work and the approaches they are taking to make life better for the women who live with this difficult condition.


235 people joined this virtual session, the largest number of any Research Insights event to date. It was followed by a very active Q&A session. There were too many questions for the experts to answer which highlighted the appetite for support and discussion on the topic of endometriosis.

If you missed the event and would like to watch it, please follow this link.

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Research Insights is free, online and open to all.  It's a chance for you to explore research topics with scientists and clinicians who work in the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine at the University of Edinburgh and to ask them questions about their work. 

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