Centre for Reproductive Health

MRC CRH projects included in 2021 PhD programme

​​​​​​​The 2021 PhD with Integrated Studies in Medical Sciences with Engagement programme will be commencing later this summer and it has been announced that there will be two projects taking place in CRH.

This four-year PhD programme launched in 2020 and combines medical science and translational research with integrated and credited teaching in science communication, public engagement, patient involvement, data design and informatics.

It achieves this via established MSc courses and new Engagement for Impact courses.

The aim is to create a generation of researchers equipped to address and solve real-world problems through excellent science and who have the engagement and impact skills to give them an edge in their future careers.

Three students (three projects) are joining the programme in 2021 in total, across CMVM.

Please find details of the two CRH projects below:


  1. Student: Francesca Hearn-Yeates

Project: The impact of diet on pain in women with endometriosis

Supervisory team:

Primary supervisor: Professor Andrew Horne at MRC CRH.

Additional supervisors: Professor Philippa Saunders (CIR), Dr David Macintyre (Imperial College London), Dr Siobhain O’Mahoney (University of Cork).


  1. Student: Grace Forsyth

Project: Fertility preservation in children with cancer

Supervisory team:

Primary supervisor: Professor Rod Mitchell at MRC CRH.

Additional supervisors: Professor Donal O'Carroll (CRM), Professor Anne Goriely (University of Oxford).


For more information on the programme, please click on this link.