Centre for Reproductive Health

International Women’s Day

On 8 March 2021, International Women’s Day was celebrated throughout the world.

Dr Sarah Stock
Dr Sarah Stock

The MRC Centre for Reproductive Health is home to many inspirational and incredible female scientists and some of them were put forward to appear on the CMVM social media channels throughout the day.

We were delighted that Dr Sarah Stock, Dr Jackie Maybin and Dr Rosie Townsend were selected and they appeared on CMVM’s Instagram and Twitter feeds.

Please have a read below and click on the links to access images, videos, blogs and links that were used to showcase these fantastic females and the far reaching impact of their research.


Dr Sarah Stock, Consultant Obstetrician at MRC CRH, aims to reduce baby deaths and improve child health through prevention of pregnancy complications such as preterm birth.


Jackie Maybin and Rocio Martinez Aguilar
Dr Jackie Maybin (L) with postdoc Rocio Martinez Aguilar

Dr Rosie Townsend is a Clinical Lecturer at MRC CRH.

Rosie’s research focus is understanding how preterm birth and stillbirth can be predicted and possibly prevented.


Dr Jackie Maybin is a Senior Research Fellow and Consultant Gynaecologist, at MRC CRH.

Her research on menstruation aims to improve treatments for problematic periods, prevent occurrence, and improve quality of life.


The CRH Twitter page also celebrated the plethora of amazing women at our Centre, and continues to focus on a number of appreciation and awareness days throughout the calendar year. Follow our Twitter account for updates and to join the conversation @MRC_CRH.