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DeepQA uses AI to automate software testing to help companies focus developer resources on their most complex problems. DeepQA uses intelligent methods to automate the User Interface (UI) testing process - from writing the tests, to implementing them - for browser-based software applications.  DeepQA’s ability to efficiently write automated tests with almost no requirement for technical human input will be an industry first.


Marise Treseder

Thomas Cartwright


When developing a website, software engineers create bugs. These bugs can cause the site to break, users to churn and revenue to be lost. To avoid bugs companies must test their software, however if QA practices are not good they are going to create more work for themselves.

QA testing is often a highly manual process. Even when automated, the test?s dependence on often changing source code will mean that it will break, meaning 30% of a tester's time is required to maintain tests. 


DeepQA helps its customers scale using software testing hyperautomation to intelligently identify bugs, and enable robust, yet fast, development practices. By automating Quality Assurance (QA), DeepQA helps companies focus developer resources on their most complex problems.


Attributes of target segment (SOM=?297m): facilitates transactions or sells to consumer through web/mobile apps, front ends have common User Experience flows, employ gold-standard design practices, role ratios- 1 QA : 10 developers : 20 FTEs, ecommerce, aggregators (skyscanner), fintech. High-growth, experiencing challenges in scaling up engineering operations for frequent releases. Small Willing-To-Pay (pcm) ?500-?4,200, actual spend is ?7800. Needs: High transaction volumes = constant uptime


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Marise Treseder

Thomas Cartwright