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We use nuclear DNA sequence to trace the endangered and invasive species in trade.


Wu Huang

Weishan Li


Illegal trading of protected or invasive species is a big threaten to local biodiversity. Dealers usually mingle them with, or simply declare as other similar but legal trading species. The current identification methods, including morphological examination, chemical analysis, and DNA barcoding analysis, are either slow, labour intensive, or inaccurate. A quicker and accurate species identification tool is urgently in need for monitoring global supply chains of commercialized animals and plants.


My team aims to develop a species identification product based on the nuclear DNA sequence to speed up the species ID process with high accuracy.


Border control offices. They can use our product to monitor the importing and exporting containers to identify illegal trading of plant and animal products. Food and pharmaceutical surveillance agency. They can use our product to identify the plant and animal adulterants in food and medicines.


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